OrthodoxABC is a source of Orthodox Christianity teaching materials that will engage and inspire the next generation. These materials are free for the use of parents and teachers. They are created on a volunteer basis by parents and Catechetical School teachers, and reviewed by clergymen. However, advertisements provide an important source of income to help us pay some of our costs and to keep our website online.

What type of advertisements does OrthodoxABC accept?

We take care to keep our ads relevant and appropriate to our visitors. If you operate an Orthodox-based business, or a business that would like to reach out to the Orthodox community, or if you want to promote a special Orthodox-related event, our website is a good place to reach this audience.


How will I know if I get results?

We do not guarantee a specific number of impressions or clicks. It has been proven that a sustained ad campaign produces the best results over time as website users become familiar with your brand.


How much traffic does OrthodoxABC get?

OrthodoxABC gets approximately 1,000 visits each month, with 75% of those being unique, first time visitors (according to Google Analytics). Visitors come from all over the world. Our largest source of traffic is the United States, but we also get a significant number from France, Greece, Belgium, Canada, Romania, Italy, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom.

What are your standard ad sizes?

Currently, we are showing one ad size on our English home page. The ads are 125 x 125 pixels. You are responsible for the design of your ad. Images should be submitted in jpg, png, or gif format. If they are gif images, they should not be animated in any way.

How are ads priced?

Our ads are modestly priced at $100 per year or $20 per month in Canadian dollars. Rates are subject to change at any time, and we reserve all rights to refuse, edit or remove advertisements at any time.

How can we get started?

Contact us by email and an OrthodoxABC representative will process your request.